New years resolutions

Most of us set something we like to call ‘New Years resolutions’ each year, which many people may know as a list of things one would want to achieve in that year. It means the same to me but I see it as more than just a list. It’s a way of teaching yourself growth and wanting to better your life by doing more things that will lead you to success. It’s a way to push yourself to do better than the previous year.

When I look back, a lot of things happened in 2017. I am very grateful for the good things that happened, like launching my blog officially as ‘www.siyabae.com’, being active on my Youtube channel and watching it grow, modelling photo shoots with the amazing Thalente Khomo, meeting new people and learning a lot from them, the list goes on.

The year 2017 was not all smooth sailing, as much as there were many good things that I achieved last year, bad things happened as well. I would not have chosen those things to happen to me or anyone else but I am glad they did. I choose to see them as learning experiences because I did learn from them. I believe everything happens for a reason, it might not be clear at that moment but it always makes sense at a later stage.

I am hoping to achieve a lot in 2018, more than I did last year. I am hoping to grow even more and learn a lot from people and hopefully they could learn something from me too.

I hope you guys had a great year, here’s to 2018! What are your new years resolutions? Please share in the comment section below or share on my social media channels!

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