Feather awards 2017

The annual Feather Awards took place last night! Unfortunately I couldn’t (for obvious reasons, bank balance and being irrelevant) but social media was buzzing about the event!

Among other things that people were talking about was Skolopad and Zodwa wabantu. Apparently Skolopad and Zodwa wabantu are having ‘beef’ I first heard of this beef when Zodwa Wabantu was on The Real Gobhoza on SABC 1 about two months ago but I did not pay much attention to that because I didn’t know who Skolopad was.

Zodwa explained on RGB that she doesn’t understand why Skolopad always comes for her, she on the other hand, does not care about the ‘industry’, Skolopad can have her industry, she’s only here to entertain and dance and have fun with people. Apparently Skolopad had asked for a picture with Zodwa wabantu and she refused, that’s where the beef started.

Skolopad got people’s attention when she showed up wearing only borewors covered in plastic and a charcoal bag as her purse. Skolopad and her date

(Above picture, Skolopad and her date)

Zodwa wabantu showed up wearing a green dress that appeared to be completely see through. Some people were quite upset on Twitter, explaining that celebs should not be wearing such dresses to award ceremonies because young people also watch these awards.

(Above picture, Zodwa wabantu)

Here’s what some people had to say:

Among people that were there, one of my favourite actresses Rami Chuene attended and she looked stunning!

(Somizi was also present at the event)

(Kelly Khumalo and her date)

What do you think about this years Feather awards event? Please comment down below and share this blog post!

Image credits: Twitter

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