Clothes have no gender

I did two photoshoots about three weeks ago and they turned out greater than I had anticipated, I was very excited! I always want to involve myself in things regarding modelling, writing, acting and just generally growing myself and others through art.

Thalente Khomo, an amazing photographer, had asked if she could take pictures of me for her ‘Clothes have no gender’ project and I said yes! The project was supposed to show that actually, society has no right in dictating that certain clothes are only for people of a certain gender. People can wear what they want to wear, when they feel like wearing it because clothes really have no gender.

At first, it seemed like Thalente was afraid of telling me what the photoshoot was about when she first told me because she did not know if I would be comfortable in wearing skirts and dresses. I absolutely did not have any problem and I had lots much fun during the shoot. Below are some of the pictures taken for the ‘Clothes have no gender’ project: Nathi later joined the shoot! I also did a photoshoot with Hlalanathi Phungula which also was very amazing! It was art of same sex love. The pictures were sexy, artistic, showed vulnerability, security and intimacy.

What do you think of the photo shoots pictures? Please comment on this blog post!

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Image credits: Thalente Khomo

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