Open Arts Exhibition!

This Sunday (June 11th), we decided to attend the opening of The BAT Centre Arts Exhibition here in Durban. Since June is youth month, the art displayed was painted only by young artists. I must say, the art displayed is really good and I felt as though each art piece had a strong, deep message to it. What I love about art is that, each person can look at it and have their own interpretation of it. 

Image credit: Siyamthanda Nxumalo

Here are some of the paintings on Display: 

#1 Painting by Jabulani Mini

The top part of the mouth
The bottom part of the mouth

The paintings above are two seperate paintings that form one painting which were painted by Jabulani Mini, a young artist who is also a facilitator at The BAT Centre . The painting shows an open mouth that has lots of worms inside and a green substance which can also be vomit, in between all of the worms and vomit, there are expensive cars and jewelery, clothing, smartphones, private jets, alcohol and many other expensive materialistic things. I thought the paintings were interpreting that this might be showing that all these materialistic things that people are hungry for are not here to stay, seeing that there are worms there, which are also found in and around something that was alive which is now dead and decomposing. It could also be meaning to show a person who only speaks lies and words that destroy or this person may be making promises of things that don’t last? 


(Artist name currently unknown by author)

This is another painting which I also liked a lot, to me, this painting shows someone trying to fill in pieces of their childhood


Painting by G.N Mbhele

Another painting I loved was #3 because I felt like it was telling a much deeper story. The painter let your imagination run wild as to maybe what was happening before the mother in the picture found herself in this situation. What do you think of the painting? 

Here are some of the paintings that were also on display: 


(Artist name currently unknown by author)


Painting by G.N Mbhele

The paintings will be on display at the Arts Exhibition until the 2nd of July 2017. If you love art, make sure to check out more paintings at the BAT Centre art exhibition! 

What are your interpretations of the art you’ve just seen? Let me know in the comment section below 🙂 please don’t forget to like and share this blog post!

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