Collective Amnesia

Last weekend on Saturday on the 3rd of June, Nkanyiso and I and went to the Koleka Putuma – Collective Amnesia book launch at the BAT Centre and I was blown away! 

Koleka Putuma
Image credit: Elelwani Netshifhire

I had read a poem I saw on Facebook by Koleka Putuma, I thought it was great, I asked who she is and decided to find out more about her 

Koleka Putuma is a performance poet, writer and threatre director. She just recently started launching her book #CollectiveAmnesia around provinces which is a really great book. It is a collection of poems set in an order to tell a story or to invite you into a journey.

Koleka Putuma – Collective Amnesia

At the event on Saturday, they first allowed an open mic session which I thought was absolutely amazing! The amount of talent in young people in Durban is on another level. About four poets volunteered to recite their poems during the open mic session and they were all on fire! 

Her close friend, Thandeka Fuze, then went to the front and recited poems of her own which were great and creative! 

The venue was getting packed as more were arriving for the book launch

Koleka Putuma then hosted a poetry reading session where she read a few poems from her book. After two poems she read, I said to myself, I have to get this book. It is absolutely amazing, there are no words to describe it, you would have to read it to understand completely. Her talent is amazing, her poems are very relateable and very creatively written. Reading the book is an absolute joy and food for the soul.

Koleka Putuma reciting poems from her book #CollectiveAmnesia
Koleka Putuma

The book Collective Amnesia is available for purchase at the book launches at R100. You can get a copy of the book by emailing nick@uhlangapress.co.za 

Image credits: Siyamthanda Nxumalo

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