YouTube Channel relaunch

I am re-launching my YouTube channel! I’ve had a YouTube channel for about 6 years now (since 2011) but I have never taken full advantage of the channel. I figured about a week ago that maybe it was time I put it to good use. I am planning on re-launching it. I have already started working on it.

I have made some channel art which I think looks wonderful, tagged all of my social media links so that people can interact with me in the social platform they find most convenient. Everything seems to be in order. I now need to get some content and start filming videos. I am so excited! although I can use my phone to film the videos because it has 13 megapixels, it would be nice to get a higher good quality camera to make the videos look as professional as possible. There are more chances that a person would want to watch a good quality video all the way to the end rather than a video of which its quality is not so great.

You can click here to check out my channel and see how it is thus far. I am planning on uploading videos every week, preferably on Tuesdays, there are about three videos on the channel but I was just goofing around. I have 155 views on the channel and 5 subscribers. I have also updated my Facebook page here

Do you have a YouTube channel? What kind of content do you upload? Please send me your channel link so that I can check it out! you can leave it in the comment section below or send it to me via email on syamthi@gmail.com

Please don’t forget to like and share today’s blog post, I love you for reading!


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