New WhatsApp Status Update

WhatsApp has done it again! this time it has surprised all of us with its new updated version. WhatsApp now has a status update feature that is similar to Snapchat or Instagram stories (if not the same). Just like Snapchat and Instagram stories, you can now be able to take a picture or make a video which will be automatically deleted in 24 hours. Like Snapchat and Instagram stories where their videos are limited to a certain time, WhatsApp is limiting theirs to only 45 seconds. With the new WhatsApp you can also upload GIF images.


This was made available to us on Friday, the 24th of February.


I personally don’t mind the change but it seems a lot of people want the old WhatsApp version back. This new feature does seem pretty unnecessary because we already have that on Snapchat and on Instagram, besides that, because there are people who do not like those, I do not think anyone would want their parents or family members stalking them and seeing what they are getting up to through WhatsApp stories or any other social platform. What I do like though is that you get to choose who doesn’t get to see your Status updates.

What do you think? have you had your WhatsApp updated since Friday? how are you finding it? Please leave a comment down below or message me directly on syamthi@gmail.com . I love you for reading! catch you guys on Tuesday! 🙂

Image credit: here  and here

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