All for great reads

​My friend asked me to visit his Facebook wall because he had written something and posted it there, I found it and it is titled Psycheledic (Backstory). I read it and it is such a beautiful piece of writing! Someone even commented mentioning that they will write something inspired by this. I liked it so much I asked for permission from him to publish it on my blog, he agreed, here it is:

Psycheledic (Backstory)

Part I ( The Land )

 I had this dream, or whatever it was 

when I closed my eyes I’d find myself in another world something you’d only think of as a fiction. 

A world were I was in control, it was really dark, disturbing and eerie

. I was the king of this sad and depressed place, were people were happy and free but at the same time lived in a land that it’s mist was so contaminated with impurities and filled with desolation it was really surprising on the way they held hope to be one day saved.

 ….and then in a nutshell I found myself a superior to them somehow something told them that I would be their hope in this world were flowers would wither and wilt I just found myself standing among them I could hear soft cheering and in my mind it was like “What is happening here, what have I done, where am I” ? maybe I think I was brought here in this world because of my own depression and sadness it was somehow exhilarating to be cheered on like that but at the same time I can’t be a wilt of hope to these people as one said to me, “You are the chosen one, to lead and rebuild this land”, “Why me, I don’t even know were I am and I do not know these people”… some how I wanted to stay and help because I was a sad soul but I couldn’t bare seeing other people like this, like me. 

as I went into a conversation with someone I didn’t even know, I would scribble the wall with triangles, crosses and other religious stuff, cut myself ( reminiscing ) “I was not the same anymore” I had given up on life, I had given up on hope. no one could understand me, even so in the real world. 

Are you alright ? asked the stranger. 

I nodded, I’ve been threw a lot for them to label me as a king was strange, maybe I was being tested I don’t know I was just so unfazed, why ? in my world I’ve always been different since I was a minor, I just did not get along with others even till now I hate humans, felt belittled by friends and family it was just a cruel world. In my world my body felt like a coffin a coffin of a dead soul sometimes I would sit at the corner quietly smile and think, “There is nothing quite so good as buried at sea it is simple, tidy and not so incriminating”. 

But then…. – Nkanyiso Sifunda 

All I had to say was wow!

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